MN National Girls and Women in Sports Day


Breaking Barriers – Nominate an individual of organization in your Minnesota community to be honored for their positive impact on girls/women sports programs. A limited number of recipients will be selected each year. 2010 Breaking Barriers Award Application

Coalition Nominated NGWSD Awards
Special Merit Award
: Given to an individual who exemplifies extraordinary commitment to breaking barriers for girls and women in sports.

Media Award: Awarded to a memeber of the media who has supported and promoted girls and women’s sports

Wilma Rudolph Courage: Recognizes women of courage

Marie Berg Award: Honors and outstanding K-12 physical education teacher who has expanded sports opportunities for girls and women.

If you know of someone who should receive one of these awards please forward their name and contributions to Judy Praska at or fax to 952-942-5584. Questions, call Judy at 800-657-6967 ext. 1.

The deadline for nominations for Special Merit, Media, Wilma Rudolph and Marie Berg Award is September 1st of each year.   The deadline for nominations for Breaking Barrier award is December 1st of each year.


All time winners 1995-2009


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